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Transplanting trees and shrubs appears an easy task — deceptively so. Many transplants die due to improper removal or installation. 

We install trees

Atlas Landscaping Inc. provides installation of large calliper basseted trees as well as potted trees. Our tree specialists can help you decide on appropriate tree varieties for your yard.

Choosing Trees & Shrubs

Trees and shrubs can evoke many memories and emotions. Whether you remember the joy of picking nectarines, the heady aroma of blooming lilacs, or a swing in a majestic oak, trees and shrubs affect us all. With careful consideration, you can choose the right trees and shrubs for your location and avoid frustrations and financial losses.

Trees Edmonton

Trees are a very important part of your landscaping so it’s needed to taken care which is often neglected or overlooked when planning a landscaping project. Trees can create a beautiful and welcome shady spot in your yard which act as a wind barrier, a natural privacy fence or just a back drop to gaze at and admire. They can also provide you with fresh air and fresh fruit like pears, apples, cherries and plums. Atlas Landscaping Inc. and design can plant large calliper trees on your property utilizing a bobcat or crane to move them into place. From Swedish aspens to Manchurian ash, shade trees to privacy trees, your tree options are endless. Allow access for your trees and always call before you dig. Always remember that large calliper trees need to be planted early on in your landscape schedule

Soil and site preparation for trees

To allow your tree the best growing conditions you need to have your site properly prepared. Atlas Landscaping Inc. takes the time to add the proper quality soils to your landscape so your tree gets a great start. We also ensure the tree is planted in an area that is suitable for its individual light, soil conditions, and drainage needs. Edmonton can experience weather conditions that can be very stressful to trees. Chinooks in winter, and the constant freeze thaw, as well as high winds and bitter cold can be very hard on many varieties of trees. It is therefore very important to give your trees a great start to make sure they can get established early on. Atlas Landscaping Inc. and design also uses the finest fertilizer for all the new plantings we install. To discuss your tree requirements feel free to call as and we will be happy to answer any questions you have.