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A hole dug for a post is called Posthole.

In archaeology, a posthole is a cut feature used to hold a surface stone. They are usually deeper than they are wide although truncation may not make this apparent. Although the remains of the stone may survive most postholes are mainly recognizable as cirsolcular patches of darker earth when viewed in plan. Archaeologist’s man can use their presence to plot the layout of former structures as the holes may define its corners and sides. Construction using postholes is known as earth fast or post in ground construction.


At Atlas Landscaping Inc. offer a tiered solution that allows you to choose what level of work we perform. 

  1. Just excavation of the holes.
  2. Excavation of the holes and setting the customers poles plumb in the ground.
  3. Supply and setting of atlas landscaping Inc. posts (High quality Pro-Guard Pressure treated Lumber) available in a variety of sizes.

We do fence & Deck hole and only posts installation.

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