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Topsoil delivery in Edmonton

Technical definition of topsoil is the top layer of soil covering the Earth. Topsoil delivery in Edmonton, As it relates to gardening, topsoil is the layer of soil that contains the best concentration of nutrients and is, therefore, more capable of producing high-quality plants in Edmonton. Gardeners and landscapers use topsoil as an intermediary between nutrient-barren and nutrient-rich soils. Topsoil is available at many home and garden stores.

Topsoil delivery in Edmonton Topsoil delivery in Edmonton

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Atlas Landscaping Inc. provides quality topsails and other organic soil blends for both residential gardeners and professional landscapers in the Edmonton area.

Types of topsoil

While there are innumerable different “types” of topsoil, all of them fall into one of three major categories:

  • Sandy: Topsoil that has a higher than a normal composition of sand.
  • Loamy: Topsoil that contains a roughly equal amount of clay, sand, and silt. This is the general “dirt” that people are used to seeing in their yards and is often sold as “in-fill” by mining companies.
  • Clay: Topsoil that contains a low-level of acidity and retains moisture heavily. It takes quite a bit of water to get the soil wet, but once it is wet it retains the water well.

We also sell three types of mulch, road gravel, washed rock, sand and other aggregates.

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